No more per event group fees.

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Let’s get social

We are the premier provider of friendly hosted events created for 40’s & beyond. Professional friendly hosting at all events


How to join Urban Social Events:

Please go to JOIN US on the landing page or Registration in the side menu and follow the easy instructions.


Please Select Your Membership Plan

There are 2 choices: select one

1.   Monthly membership for £5 per month


2.   One off 6month membership


Price is £30 (discount applies if you have an introductory coupon code). Please enter this code when prompted.


Proceed to the profile page.

Fill out the form in full taking a note of your user name and password


Proceed to payment page

Please note that you do not have to pay by PayPal, just scroll to the pay by debit/credit card prompt and pay in the usual way.


A conformation email will be sent to you asking you to log into the website and upload a photo. This is to verify your email address and make it easy for us to recognise you when we meet.


At events you can ask our hosts for the special code which entitles you to a discount price for 6 months’ membership.



1.   Be part of a larger social community


2.   NO more per event group fee


3.   Discounts on tickets…cheaper than other meetup groups


4.   FREE bar nights


5.   Consortium lead company offering quality events


                 for people 40's & beyond, opening now in Glasgow,


                 followed by Edinburgh & Manchester.


Join Now! You know it makes sense!










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